CAS is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme. The ethos of the CAS programme is to allow students to undertake new challenges and gain important life skills. This involves a cycle of goal-setting, planning, review of progress, and then reflecting on their experiences and learning outcomes. 

Students are expected to engage in many creative, activity and service experiences in school such as community service, Sports Meet and cultural activities including the DSI Arts Night. However, CAS does not have to be confined within the school campus, as many students also participate actively in activities outside of school, such as volunteering in an animal shelter or homes for the elderly. 

One of the aims of CAS at our school is to remind students that they need to live a meaningful life while developing international mindedness. Students need to see that the world needs them to connect outside of the classroom away from their books and that they are part of this interconnected world. Students are encouraged to develop their creativity, be physically active and perceive the mutual benefits of being engaged contributors to their school community or local and national community, so they can better understand the issues that affect them and the rest of the world. 

One of the most celebrated CAS events is the DSI Arts Night. In this signature event, students plan, implement and review a two-hour gala show featuring students’ talents in dance, music, and other performing arts. Students who choose to work off stage may embark on fund-raising activities to support the programme. They approach and engage the local business community and organise food and fun fairs to raise funds for both the event and the less privileged. 

截屏2021-04-01 下午4.59.38.pngStudents exercising their creative thinking in CAS activities such as Arts Night and Fund-raising