The Super-Curriculum facilitates learning outside of the academic syllabuses to provide a holistic education to, and nurture all-rounded, students. Students are infused with the skills and competencies that stimulate a lifetime love of learning, including but not limited to the following: open-mindedness and curiosity; questioning, doubting, and disagreeing; sourcing relevant resources, collaborating with others and communicating their ideas both in written and oral forms.

Outside of the classroom, students engage in experiences that help them discover and hone varied interests, talents and skills, which they use along with their academic learning to meet authentic needs in their immediate environment and to participate in causes that have global significance. As they embark on their chosen projects, there are regular moments for them to reflect on their roles and place in society, the difference they can make as individuals and in collaboration with others.

Given this vision, we have seen students embark not only on projects that cater to audiences in school and the local community; but also, on projects that bring awareness to causes that have ramifications across the world. From providing First Aid support during the Desheng School Sports and Cultural week to teaching their peers about World Peace Day; from organising student-led Mathematics competitions, which aim to stimulate their peers’ interest in the subject and improve their thinking skills, to rallying the entire community in collaboration with students from a local university who have similar interests and a blood donation centre for a successful blood donation drive. By organizing these projects, our students learn valuable leadership, team work and relational skills as well as other soft skills like organising and decision making.