Learning Beyond the Classroom



At Desheng School [International], DSI, we believe in stretching students’ learning beyond the academic curriculum, and in imparting the skills that are vital for university education, future careers and life in the broader sense, without the stress of an examination. Our students engage actively in different learning experiences beyond the classroom.

In addition to enlivening classroom lessons with real-life examples and current case-studies that they can relate to, students are guided to initiate and explore projects that suit their individual or group interests. In doing so, they hone their creativity, or ground their classroom learning as well as make a positive difference in the immediate community and the world at large. This is our notion of the Super-Curriculum. Our students are exposed to carefully chosen learning environments locally and overseas, through the Local Educational Programme and the Overseas Educational Programme, respectively, where the stimulation of their senses can be heightened. We nurture our students to be the architects of their own future, to have a voice and use it individually and collectively to shape the dynamics at DSI. Through various Student Leadership opportunities, at different levels, DSI students care for and mentor their juniors, and support their peers, through their day-to-day experiences. These dispositions reflect our strong belief in servant-leadership.