Career Attachment Personal Experience (CAPE) Programme


Desheng International School’s CAPE Programme is a 5-day work experience and job shadowing initiative that places students into businesses and organisations in order for them to discover and explore where their future careers may take them. We welcome partners in Guangdong who are able to offer placement opportunities for our students.


Programme Details

Date: Usually Chinese New Year Holiday

Age of Students: 16-17

Typical Placements: Finance, Economics, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Customer Service, Manufacturing.


Objectives of the placements:

From the placements, students should be able to:

·         Develop a broad understanding of the day to day running of an organisation.

·         Gain insights into the operations of the industry.

·         Understand the day to day tasks and activities of someone who works in that industry.

·         Be aware of the opportunities for career development

·         Reflect upon how a career in this industry would match their skills and interests.


Suggested placement activities:

The contents of the placement can be flexible and diverse, in order to work within the restrictions of the organisation, but an ideal placement would include:

·         Job shadowing of an individual

·         Visits and shadowing within various departments of the organisation

·         The opportunity to meet and converse with a range of employees in the organisation

·         The ability to make an effective contribution to the organisation in their short time there.